[Interview]A Western-style painter LEE SUK JU②‥Profound formativeness of famous paintings and the analogue method

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▲ Painter ARTIST LEE SUK JU(이석주 작가,李石柱 作家)saying that he is particularly paying attention to the gloom, agony and internal conflicts of the characters in famous paintings. AT ARARIO GALLERY(아라리오갤러리 천안).

[Q] The theme of the exhibit, which has been prepared with large-sized works 2.5 meters or more wide during the last four to five years, is also ‘existence and time’.

[A]“If you are focused on the formativeness of paintings, the expressions and contents will naturally overlap. This time also, I tried to spin off the symbolism of books, horses, clocks and the images of famous classical paintings as have continually appeared in my works for quite a while by setting up the time and space. Those images complement the contents through their roles as medium between them with their existence itself not being of significance.”

▲ 사유적 공간, 116.5×91㎝ oil on canvas, 2015

[Q] I wonder what the ‘horses’ mean in your(이석주 화백) works.

[A]“I have tried to emphasize the thoughtful meanings of existence by the dépaysement effect displayed in a space, like an old book, prints on paper, etc. I replaced the existence of human beings with various images of ‘horses’.

Old books and pages that have fallen off are also used as the medium connecting the images of famous classical paintings with those of horses, giving you feelings of temporality and spatiality.”

▲ 181.8×227.3㎝, 2016

[Q] In the works exhibited this time appear many images from famous classical paintings, namely the purity of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Jan Vermeer, the desire and carnality of ‘Odalisque’ by Ingres, the human aspect of Thomas who could not but doubt the resurrection of Jesus from Caravaggio’s works, and others.

[A]“I tried to damage the original images from famous paintings as less as possible, but to have them be re-born into new works with surreality through the artistic interpretation and recreative simulacre (copying).

The examples of the new interpretation from my perspectives may be the contrast between the character from Rebramdt’s work who anguish and doubts peep from and the comic musician from La Tour’s work, the scene of daily life from Vermeer’s ‘The Milkmaid’, and the lonely atmosphere of the city found in Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’.”

▲ 388×259㎝, 2017

[Q] Please, tell me your(서양화가 이석주,イ・ソクチュ) opinion about the modern fine art and hyperrealistic paintings.

[A]“Although there are many digital works attracting our attention in various ways in the modern fine art, I think the analogue method through hyperrealistic painting will allow you to more closely approach the depth and formativeness of famous paintings and convey the unique feelings that only paintings can give you.

I arrange hyperrealistic depictions along with obscurely blurred images in order to deal with our existence over the space of a different world.”

▲ 194×97㎝, 2018







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